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  • EcologyFund (16 hits) - "Preserving the wild parts of the planet is an important legacy we can leave our children. EcologyFund allows each person to save a little wilderness everyday. These donations add up, so that each person can save more than an acre a year. With thousands of people clicking every day, we will be able to save tens of thousands of acres of critical wilderness habitat every year."

  • The Wildlife Conservation Society (7 hits) - The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is the only organization in the world working to protect all of Africa's gorilla populations, specifically the world-renowned mountain gorillas, as well as the eastern lowland gorillas, and western gorillas.

  • Save the Whales (6 hits) - Our purpose is to educate children and adults about marine mammals, their environment and their preservation.

  • Save the Children (4 hits) - Save the Children fights for children's rights. It delivers immediate and lasting improvements to children’s lives worldwide .

  • Save the RainForest (4 hits) - Specializing in providing volunteer intern programs and tropical forest courses for students, educators and nature loving adults.

  • Save Our Forests and Ranchlands (4 hits) - SOFAR is a membership-based watchdog group committed to defending the San Diego backcountry against Urban Sprawl & working toward the adoption and implementation of a plan to preserve rural resources.

  • International Campaign for Tibet (4 hits) - "We at the International Campaign for Tibet are dedicated to helping protect and preserve the identity of the Tibetan people both within Tibet and in exile. Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a moment to find out how you can help."

  • Save A Pet (4 hits) - is a free service that lets you search and see photos of pets by breed, age, size and color from thousands of purebred and mixed breed animals available for adoption in your area. lists the animals from public and private shelters, and you can search by phone, or on our website. You can find dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other animals as well to adopt.

  • American council for an Energy Efficient Economy (3 hits) - The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. ACEEE fulfills its mission by Conducting in-depth technical and policy assessments Advising policymakers and program managers Working collaboratively with businesses, public interest groups, and other organizations Organizing conferences and workshops Publishing books, conference proceedings, and reports Educating consumers and businesses

  • American Wind Energy Association (3 hits) - Information about utility-scale and smaller wind systems, the economics of green power and sustainable energy events.

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