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  • Moving Messages Media (9 hits) - To define and attain recognition of ‘spiritual entertainment’ as a new genre in entertainment that inspires, enriches and ennobles the human spirit and to support, promote, develop and advance ‘spiritual entertainment,’ its evolving sub categories and the international spiritual entertainment community.

  • Oriental Dancer (7 hits) - Official site of Salome. Features belly dance instructor and event directories, talent agency database, discussion board, articles, star interviews, Arabic song lyrics and Belly dance music.

  • Merkabah Studio (5 hits) - Music has been called the speech of angels; I will go further, and call it the speech of God himself.

  • JOJO Lefty (4 hits) - We are a rock & roll, blues band based in Salt Lake City, UT. We perform throughout Utah & the Intermountain West.

  • Paintings That Heal:Elevating Energy. Advancing Health. Cultivating Wellness. (4 hits) - DISCOVER A WORLD OF EXPERIENTIAL & INTERACTIVE HEALING ART Paintings That Heal are a unique therapeutic modality consisting of rare interactive art with a Healing Energy Component. To date, there are only a handful of distance healers around the world that have discovered an ability to channel, capture, and infuse Healing Energy on canvas. Brent Atwater, a documented medical intuitive, healer and commercially successful artist, has recently tapped this ability to combine all of her gifts into art that radiates healing properties for specific ailments. Brent channels Healing Energy specific to he client's disorder, their healing needs, and their individual vibrational frequency. The Paintings elevate and stabilize a viewer’s or their pet's health by raising their energy level to a higher state of wellbeing and balance. Scientific and alternative methodologies have indicated that Paintings That Heal elevate energy, advance health and cultivate wellness for individuals. While research continues, initial studies have documented in blind tests that positive changes occurred in a occurred in a subject’s physical energy fields: heart and breathing rate, body temperature and brain waves, and in their spiritual and emotional energy fields.

  • Art by Charles & Serena (4 hits) - View the art of Serena La Sol and poetry of Charles Lightwalker.

  • Spiritual Movie: "What the bleep do we know?! (3 hits) - Science, Spirituality, Humor and a New Paradigm: “What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know!?” is a wake-up call to the hundreds of thousands of people who are searching for a voice somewhere in this fragmented culture who have been awaiting a catalyst.

  • Usher (2 hits) - News, biography, pictures and more about Usher

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