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  • Power Pendants from Cindy Shuster (7 hits) - It is more than a beautiful piece of art, it is a process. Journey on a process of uncovering the Jewels inside and the confidence of wearing them on the outside by accessing your BellyWisdom™ and co-creating your Power piece. I have personally been wearing gemstones and gold since I was in my early teens. From the first paycheck I received, I remember going to the local mall and putting a ruby and diamond ring on layaway. This was the beginning of my love with the beautiful gems of nature and unfolding of how to work with their energies.

  • Amirah Hall (5 hits) - California Spirit with Global Soul Click on the Picture to see the Slide Show Amirah incorporates a wide mix of materials, design elements and sorts through thousands of stones to find the perfect combination for each necklace. Drawn to an endless variety of semi-precious stones, she incorporates unusual natural materials found in her travels around the world.

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