Regular exercise reduces high blood pressure
Written by: alternative1, Date: Jul. 23, 2004

Regular exercise is recognised for having a beneficial effect on health and lifestyle and is especially recommended for those suffering with high blood pressure.

A study carried out by the Canadian Hypertension Society aimed to find out if regular physical activity could prevent and control high blood pressure in healthy adults.

Current articles and studies on the benefits of carrying out a regular exercise programme suggest a physical activity of moderate intensity involving rhythmic movements of the limbs for 50-60 minutes, 3 –4 times per week would reduce blood pressure better than more vigorous exercise.

Although there is no direct evidence that exercise will prevent high blood pressure, people who do not have high blood pressure should participate in regular exercises as it will decrease blood pressure and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. All the following bodies and reports all agree with the above recommendations : World Hypertension League, the American College of Sports Medicine, the report of the US Surgeon General on physical activity and health, and the US National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Panel on Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health.

Therefore, the most useful option for sedentary people with high blood pressure is to undertake or maintain some form of regular physical activity and to avoid or moderate using drug therapy.

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