Changing Your Circumstances
Written by: Unknown. Submitted by: Derrick Walker, Date: Jul. 27, 2004

You change your own circumstances all the time, whether you know it or not. Even your mind is different today than it was a week ago. The various experiences you have brought to yourself have made it that way. The point to realize is that you can gain an intricate control of the various things that change in and about you. Lean the thoughts and feelings of your creation in the right direction, and discover how quickly your circumstances will change their direction.

This is the secret of self-control. This is the practice of yoga. Try it, and lose the habit of concern, for concern is only a by-product of a part of  the mind being out of control.

What does the world offer us but an opportunity for action? It is the reaction that we sometimes get surprised by. The circumstances of your life are either pushing you toward greater understanding, if you are aspiring to realize the real Self, or they are pushing you toward confusion, if you have a tendency to react animalistically, making the personal self predominant. When personal concerns become the most important things in life, you are bound to suffer under the emotion  of resentment, and resentment is just a confused state of mind.

The unfortunate thing is, resentment tends to attract even more circumstances worthy of even more resentment. So don't bother to resent, because you are only making yourself inferior to the person or the circumstance that you hold resentment for. That is right. Resentment, in all its heaviness, places your consciousness beneath that of the person you feel is imposing on you.

Be equal to whatever you meet! That is a better way to react to life. It is accomplished simply by meeting everything in understanding, by demanding understanding from within yourself. And if you feel that everything happening to you is a play of universal love and you are able to maintain that consciousness of universal love in yourself, then you are beyond the happenings of the world. Lifted in consciousness, you
can see through and enjoy all the states of consciousness. The circumstances of your life will reflect this change.

Watch for those small incidents that imperceptively get under your skin and create an eruption a few days later. Little things that do not contribute creatively to your life are an indication that there is some
kind of subconscious disturbance that you have not resolved. Look your nature right in the face in meditation, without squirming, and you  will discover what the little disturbances are, some issue over which you are rationalizing, a small resentment or worry that is keeping a part of your mind confused, and thus necessarily, most of your circumstances confused.

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