Eleven Steps of Spiritual Freedom
Written by: Charles Lightwalker, Date: Jan. 29, 2005

Eleven Steps of Spiritual Freedom

by Charles Lightwalker

1) Recognition - Source is first. I recognize that there is a Source that encompasses all there is. 2) Unification - I unify my consciousness with Source. I have total faith and trust to allow my spirit guides to assist me on my journey. 3) Willingness To Change - I am willing to assess my life's journey, and look at my fears. 4) Dominion - I take responsibility for my life & actions. 5) I live on Principle - I live my life with honesty, humor & integrity. 6) I Live with Purpose - I walk my path with purpose, tuning in to inner guidance. 7) Forgiveness - I forgive myself for my past mistakes. 8) Positively Present - I maintain a positive & humorous attitude, no matter what is happening in my life. 9) Persistence - I move foward in faith, using focus, humor & discipline. 10) Service - Oppurtunities open when I am giving unconditional love & services to others. 11) Gratitude - I am grateful & happy with my life, seeing the beauty in all things.
Charles Lightwalker

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