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Alternative Healthcare Network » Current News » Vital Choice Seafood : Our Newest Sponsor.

Vital Choice Seafood : Our Newest Sponsor.
» posted by alt17771 on Dec. 27, 2005 at 6:57 pm
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Vital Choice Seafood is your trusted source for the World's Finest health enhancing canned and fresh frozen wild salmon.  We are happy to welcome them as a sponsor.  I encourage you to check out their website at:

-Derrick Walker, Founder The Alternative Medicine Referral Network

"Let food be your medicine" --Hippocrates

Vital Choice Wild Pacific Salmon is a pure and natural source of essential omega-3 fatty acids and powerful biological antioxidants. Each 3.5 ounce serving of our Alaskan sockeye contains a minimum of 1.2 grams of EPA & DHA, vital nutrients proven in clinical studies to promote optimal health and to prevent or ameliorate numerous adverse health conditions. Here's what the experts say about omega-3s:

“Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can stop arrhythmia before it triggers sudden death from heart attacks. That makes fish such as salmon as potentially potent as any high tech heart drug and considerably cheaper to stock up on.”
--Dr. Alexander Leaf, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

“Omega-3 fatty acids have so many biological roles because they are a primary element of health for virtually every cell and organ system in the body. Along with their partners, the omega-6 fatty acids, they keep our bodies in balance, modulating such basic physiological functions as inflammation, cell signaling, blood pressure, immune response, and the electrical excitability of heart and brain cells.”
--Andrew Stoll, Faculty, Harvard Medical School

"By far, the best type of omega-3 fats are those found in fish. That's because the omega-3 in fish is high in two fatty acids crucial to human health, DHA and EPA. These two fatty acids are pivotal in preventing heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. The human brain is also highly dependent on DHA, and maintaining high DHA levels can help deter depression, schizophrenia, memory loss, and Alzheimer's. Omega-3 is also very important for pregnant women and children, as researchers are now also linking inadequate intake of omega-3 to premature birth and low birth weight, and to hyperactivity in children."
--Joseph Mercola, D.O., founder/director, The Optimal Wellness Center

“My anti-aging patients often start out eating fish two to three times a week. When they see how quickly their skin improves, they are quick to increase their intake to five to seven fish meals a week."
--Nicholas Perricone, M.D., Author, The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Acne Cure

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Alternative Medicine Referral : Vital Choice Seafood

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