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Apply for Alternative Health Care's "It's About Health" Award

Do you have a whole health and wellness related website? Do youdeserve an award for all of thepassionate work you put into it? We would like to recognize your valuable work with our "It's About Health" Award! These awards won't be given to everyone who fills out the application. There are a few criteria your site must meet. Our criteriaare designed to protect young children, copyright laws, and people's privacy. There are also a few rulesthat relate to basic website design.

If you believe you're site meets all of the requirements,fill out the form below and click 'Submit'. 
Award Requirements
1. Your site must be in English or provide an English translation.
2. Your site cannot be a commercial site, although you can sell products on your site as long as that's not the main focus of your site.
3. You must have some content of your own, not just links to other pages.
4. All of your internal site links must be working and takeus to the correct page.
5. There should be no missing graphics.
6. Your site must be safe for all ages to view. Although not mandatory, a family safe rating from one of the many rating organizations is preferred.
7. No pornography, hatred,violence, or other inapropriate content. Also, all sites that promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs will be disqualified.
8. If you have forms or collect information via e-mail, you must have a privacy statement which must be easily located by all visitors. You must not sell personally identifying visitor information to third parties.
9. There must be no copyright violations.
10.Your website must be directly related to health and wellness.

The staff at Alternative Health Care Network will review your website and notify you with in one week of your application if your site has won our award. Thank you for applying. Your site will be placed on our awards announcement list located in our monthy newsletter along with a posting and linkon our site.

Sincerely, Staff

To submit your site for consideration for our "It's about health" award, fill out the form below. If your site is selected, you will be notified within one week.


Site name:

Website address:

Site description:

First name:

Last name:

eMail address:






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