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Testimonials for the Cam Williams' Alternative Healthcare Network are received on a weekly basis. Here are a few:
I forgot to tell you that I made the artichoke salad receipe that you sent me. It is great! I added a few more artichokes (cause I love them) but other than that everything the same. Be sure and try it cause it's pretty simple as long as you have all the ingredients. I used the curly-type pasta or corkscrew pasta I think they call it. Anyway, it's good. Thanks.
Connie Kilborn
Cali Mesa, Ca
"I am impressed to find a website full of alternative health information. I have always researched healthy choices for my pre-teen daughter's wellness needs. I can count on your site to keep me on top of the latest therapies."
Nancy Moon
Phoenix, Arizona
"Great job on having an educational site where I can research providers and articles. I totally love the Health Tips! Thanks for providing a good educational site regarding alternative health choices!
Emily Ledbetter
Atlanta, Georgia
As an Air Force pilot, it is important that I keep myself in top shape. I was raised with the knowledge of alternative choices for my wellness program. Your site supports my continued quest to benefit the systems of my body in a non-invasive manner. I have also used the Find a Practitioner option to be a valuable resource in my travels worldwide, very helpful. Thank you.
Capt Jason Williams, USAF
Columbus, MS

I really like your site. A fantastic resource! How great to have my page so prominently positioned. What a great surprise. Thank you.
Cynthia Eddings
Couples Retreats

No matter what sort of problem you're experiencing right now you will find the solution to it in the Book, "The National Guide to Alternative Healthcare".

-Rick Anderson Murrieta hot springs, California,Certified Radiologist Technologist, Computerized,Axial Transformer Certified, Reiki Mast IV-

"For more than 20 years I have been a transpersonal therapist, consultant and educator. Finally I have an excellent resource to offer those who are looking for services, products and programs to assist them on their journey to health and well-being. "The Guide to Alternative Health Care" is truly a gift to the American public.

-Terri Holleran, L.C.S.W, Salt Lake City, Utah-


"Ancient wisdom is becoming modern practice. Today we have many choices in alternative therapies, allowing people to take responsibility of their own healing. Herbal remedies, meditation, Reiki and many other therapies have been used for centuries around the globe. Within The Guide to Alternative Health Care lies the beginning of a quest for a new life, health and knowledge. Never be afraid to explore and seek that which is unknown to you. Remember the wisdom will conquer your fears."

-Cynthia LaRochelle, Temecula, California-

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