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What is Spinal Touch?

Spinal Touch is a gentle therapy that uses energy to correct the "center of gravity", the lumbosacral articulation. It also relaxes postural muscles which, in turn, relaxes the whole body, balances body systems and promotes self-healing. Spinal Touch recognizes and treats degenerative health care issues.

Spinal Touch works on the premise that correct posture allows the body systems to work as they were intended to work by nature and thus helps a person enjoy health. Stresses such as daily physical and mental pressure, falls, injuries, surgery, etc, can cause distortion of the center of gravity as muscles become tight and weakened. When posture is not correct, the body is distorted and that distortion causes strain, which creates fatigue and disease. Spinal Touch returns the center of gravity to its correct position, the body's ability to rest is restored and the body is allowed to function properly and healing can occur.

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