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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient and noninvasive therapy. It is based on the discovery that points located on the feet and hands correspond to various parts of the body. Putting precise pressure on these reflex points releases blockages to the specific area of pain or illness. For instance, by applying pressure along the inside borders of the feet, the reflex area being affected would be the spine. This action would prompt the spinal cord to soothe the body's nervous system and relax the muscles around the spine or back.

The nerve endings located on the feet and hands are thought to account for the ability to interconnect the whole body system. Lactic acid and calcium crystals can cover these nerve endings, preventing full stimulation. As a treatment progresses, the flow of energy will be regained and the whole body will feel the benefits.

Reflexology is known to release endorphins, relax the body, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and balance the body's energy. It has also been used to treat chronic conditions such as asthma, backaches, constipation, headaches, kidney stones, migraines and sinusitis.

Excerpt from
"The Guide to Alternative Health Care"

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