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What is Polarity Therapy?

"Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms."

-Dr. Randolph Stone, the father of Polarity Therapy.

Energy balancing is a central concept in many ancient and traditional health-care systems, especially Ayurveda from India and Oriental medicine. It is also the keystone of Polarity Therapy, a natural health-care system whose founder, Dr. Randolph Stone, asserted that energy in the human body is underlying foundation of health.

To understand this modality, the body and its electrical systems may be likened to the electricity in a house. When the circuits are incomplete, no matter what you do you cannot operate the electrical appliances. Similarly, the body must align itself if the electrical flow is to open up to all the muscles and organs. A Polarity therapist is trained to "open" up the circuits and remove any dams.

Polarity Therapy is remarkably simple and based on energy's qualities of attraction and repulsion, the basis of all energy movement.

Excerpt from
"The Guide to Alternative Health Care"
Recommended Reading:

Polarity Therapy: The Complete Collected Works on this Revolutionary Healing Art by the Originator of the System, Vol. 1

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