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What is a Medical Intuitive?

Few of us remember how we first learned to play the game of Life, acquiring our survival abilities, obsessions and passions. Life challenges brought strong feelings which we often stuffed in a pocket within ourselves where they seemed to fit. We coped, using skills formed from family patterns and the world around us.

Facilitating self-empowerment and healing, a medical intuitive sees the pockets of feelings, hearing the words we whispered to ourselves when we stuffed them, feels empathetically how to retrieve, with wisdom, ways of resourceful living. This spontaneous recognition triggers our awakening, awareness of related patterns and practices. Decoding our unconscious motives, a medical intuitive reveals our covert game plan, helping us to re-negotiate choices as we move toward wholeness. The support tools offered are psychological models, nutrition and hologram energy dynamics.

Excerpt from: The Guide to Alternative Health Care.
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