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What is Allergy Testing?

Allergies such as hayfever (in which there is an allergic reaction to pollen) are surprisingly common, and many things we take for granted in modern life can cause an allergic reaction (in which the immune system over-reacts to the allergen and attempts to get rid of it from the body). These can include such things as wheat, food additives, household chemicals, dust or paint. Various systems are used to identify which foods or other common household substances may be causing an allergic reaction in the patient. Systems employed include muscle-testing, electrical-testing, and the direct application of a range of the potentially reaction-causing items onto the skin. Another method is to follow a very restricted diet of non-allergenic foods and then gradually re-introduce other foods one by one, the patient carefully recording their responses over time. A regime of avoidance or diminution of the particular substances identified is recommended as a result.

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