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Crispy Chicken Breasts -- Low-Carb
Written by: Cate - Rated 5.00 out of 5, 1 people have rated it.

And if you cook it right. Just last night, after a few months of ending up with slightly rubbery skinless boneless sautéed breasts, I bothered to check with the Joy of Cooking to see what I was doing wrong.

This might be common sense to some, but here's what I learned, which is not what I'd been doing:

Heat 2 Tbsp butter in a pan on high heat. Not the highest heat, but higher than medium-hot. When the butter is a nut brown color (not too dark, or it'll burn), add a few Tbsp of olive oil. Heat for another 3-4
minutes, but don't let it smoke.

Add chicken breasts. Don't touch them for 4 minutes. Use a timer. Flip them over and cook for 3-5 minutes more. If the pan is hot enough, they will be thoroughly cooked through. They'll also have a nice crispy,
browned outside and be totally juicy on the inside.

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