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Written by: Dr. R.S.Jnanesh - Rated 4.00 out of 5, 2 people have rated it.

I would like to confess here to begin with that whatever matter is presented here is the truth and nothing but the truth. It so happened that I was pretty fresh from my Pranic Healing and Reiki Training. A lady walked into my clinic. She was a Muslim. She could not breathe properly. She was a known asthmatic. She was pretty uncomfortable. She was breathless. In my terminology I would put it as a subacute asthma. I made her to sit down on a chair. Asked her to relax. Because she was a Muslim I asked her if she believed in Allah. She said yes. So I opened the image of (Mecca) Kaaba on my computer. I asked her to just keep seeing the image and pray to Allah. Being an allopathic I did not want to look different and so did not do any sweeping or such other techniques. But I had faith. So I just kept my hand on her right shoulder and meditated, imagining her airways own up. Air moving in beautifully and that was it. She was normal. Breathing normally. That was my first healing and I had tears rolling in my eyes. No sweeping. I have never tried them. Just a wish and it was wonderful. I treated a couple of patients of diabetes and blood pressure with simple medications, which were not controlled at other places by higher doses before knowing pranic healing. But after learning this wonderful therapy, healing is much better. There is no comparison between the doctor I was before knowing this healing technique and after knowing it.

I would like to confess here to begin with that whatever matter is presented here is the truth and nothing but the truth. I was sitting in my clinic. A patient walked into my clinic. She was a neighbor's housemaid. She had brought her daughter. It is such that I have not fixed a fee in my clinic and have decided never to. I have been practicing this way for a year now. The patients pay me whatever they feel is reasonable for the services they get. I accept it feeling restless.

I don't remember exactly which hand but her hand was swollen. All the five fingers and palm were filled with pus as if about to burst. She would not allow me to touch her hand. I did not cause her much discomfort. I prescribed her a cephalosporin antibiotic and analgesic, antipyretic and asked her to give the medication to her daughter thrice daily for five days. I did no sweeping or anything. Without anybody's knowledge I give healing with my imagination and wish. So did I that time also. I had asked her to bring her daughter to me after 5 days. So did she bring. The hand was healed fully. In fact it looked as if it were squeezed and drained. It can't be explained in words. It was totally like charred. Healed to that extent.

Then comes the surprise. I asked her if she had taken the medications properly. She said "no, doctor". I gave her the first pill and she had a profuse vomiting. And as I got busy I thought to try and wait. I did not give her the medication. But because you had asked me to bring her after 5 days I have brought her. I was stunned. I could not believe it. What kind of negligence was that? I mean how did all this happen. Her not giving the medication and the girl gets healed. She also brought back the medications, which I had given. They could not be different because they were physician's samples. I asked her, did you show to any other doctor and she said no. The story is still mesmerizing but it is true. Not to mention so many other wonderful healing and results met with for patients with blood pressure, wrist pain, back pain and others in just 10 minutes. In every case I was just meditating on my desired healing without any sweeping or cleansing. Not even giving the slightest hint to the patient that I was giving any healing. All the time just speaking to him and without his knowledge giving healing. It was working is working and I am happy about it. So many people think it is psychic healing but how is this possible when you get the results without them even knowing it.

Dr. R.S.Jnanesh,
MBBS,DFM,Holistic and Family Physician,
8-3-678/66,Sreenath Clinic,
Pragathi Nagar,Yousufguda,

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