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Sulgasin Plus

Relieve Stress, Diet and Excersize

Generation Tea, Holistic Health

Boost your Energy With A Body in Balance
Written by: Cam Williams - Rated 1.00 out of 5, 1 people have rated it.




  • Increase your energy and stamina

  • Convenient Non-Transdermal patch; nothing enters the body

  • Constructed from water, Oxygen and amino acids sealed inside a plastic shell

  • Designed for men and women; athletic and non-athletic use

This is the new approach to performance.  The LifeWave™ nanotechnology patch system allows organic materials to interact with the human body to improve energy, performance and stamina without ingesting anything.

It is believed that the patches communicate the information needed to initiate the transport of fats to the cells for ATP production (the basic unit of energy in every cell).  Clinical studies have shown an increase in energy and strength endurance within minutes of use.
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