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What is Lymphatic Massage?
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What is Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic Massage is a highly systematic method of stimulating lymph flow through the entire body. It highly influences not only the immune system, but also the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems of the body, and is therefore important in achieving and maintaining health and vitality.

A Lymphatic Massage is quite an exquisite experience, a truly pleasurable journey into a very deep state of relaxation. Lymph is thick, viscous, and slow moving
, and requires a slow steady, and methodical rhythm, which is extremely calming to the nervous system. Gentle and Comforting.  Sometimes a light sensation says it all. The intense motion of deep massage has its place, but in order to function and protect itself the human body also craves the light, gentle rhythm of lymphatic drainage massage. Also known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), this massage technique stimulates your lymphatic system clearing blockages in the transportation of nutrients to the cells and the flow of waste out of the body.

By gently aiding the body in its own natural methods of detoxification, manual lymphatic drainage assists your immune system, increasing your protection from disease. Used to treat a wide variety of conditions including edema, side effects from chemotherapy, tension headaches, and digestive disorders, lymphatic massage is also useful as a skin beautifying treatment and is a relaxing part of body-mind work. Stimulating the lymphatic system also relieves exhaustion, lending energy to those dealing with depression. Interestingly, lymphatic drainage massage is not only an effective treatment for those in pain but also a pleasurable way to tune up your body. Like exercise, it softens and stretches muscle tissue, making you feel invigorated and flexible. Whether you are suffering from an impaired immune system or simply want to maximize feelings of health, massaging of the lymphatic system can help you. To attain the full benefits of lymphatic drainage massage, make sure a professional, skilled in stimulating your lymphatic system, is treating you. Allow the soothing rhythm to calm your nervous system as your immunity is strengthened.

You can also do a simplified version of the manual lymphatic drainage massage yourself at home, called Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD). A professional will be able to show you or your partner the technique. You will use your fingers very gently to move your skin in the particular direction of the affected node. If you find that the skin is red when you have finished, then the movement is too hard. It is often easier if your partner or a friend also learns the technique, so that they can help you in any areas you cannot reach. Relax into the light touch and feel your body return to its most natural rhythms.

Excerpt from "The Guide to Alternative Health Care"
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