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What is Guided Meditation
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What is Guided Meditation?

The value of meditation in healing and in pain management is indisputable. Many psychological and alternative healing therapists us meditation as an aid to relaxation in preparation for giving treatment. By using a series of breathing techniques, coupled with creative "vision", the body and mind can be brought to a level of quietness where you can focus on what you want to have happen with your body and your life.

To one degree or another, meditation offers an opportunity to create a healing or an idea that can be pictured in great detail in the mind. These pictures allow the body to attune to the senses, spirit, subconscious and conscious levels. From there, a rise in vibration level allow for connection with the universe, and you put into pictures that which you want to become a reality.

Thoughts and feeling have magnetic energy that attracts energy of a similar nature. By focusing with purity, you can empower yourself for a healing.

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