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Feldenkrais Method
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The Feldenkrais Method is awareness of the skeleton and its muscles, and of its orientation and movement in space. Feldenkrals is taught in private sessions, called Functional Integration, or in group sessions, called Awareness Through Movement. Moshe Feldenkrais was a Russian-born Israeli physicist and engineer who came to Britain in 1940. An old knee injury gave him recurring distress, so he taught himself how to walk without pain. Feldenkrals saw humans as having four states of being: asleep, awake, conscious, and aware. Awareness is the combination of consciousness with knowledge. Feldenkrals works to give the brain, and therefore the body, new messages, new images and patterns for movement. Relearning simple and then increasingly more complex movements can retrain the brain. The Feldenkrals Method has been used to treat back pain, injury traumas, strokes, paralysis and other musculoskeletal and neurological Conditions, and to improve performance skills of actors, athletes, dancers and musicians.
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