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Family of Light Bulletin
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Dear Tree of Life Friends

Our new full color newsletter is now online.

Here is the introduction

Welcome to the first full color online edition of the Family of Light bulletin.
The Tree of life is your family of light providing you spiritual support whenever
you need it. The daily schedule is packed with activities to support your awakening
process, even when there are no workshops running. So you can come anytime for
a meal, a nights stay, a week, a month, or even longer.

In this new online version we have photographs (to show a glimpse into your family),
articles on the center and the activities here, the latest products, reviews,
and media exposure, upcoming events, inspiring projects, and exciting new publications.

We welcome you with an open heart!
The Tree of Life Family of Light

This Newsletter Contains:

Featured Workshops
Featured Program
Vegan Live Food Masters Degree
New Book - Spiritual Nutrition
Awakened Living Store
Oasis and Spa Facilities
Cafe Newsletter
Tree of Life Farm
Tree of Life Employment
Meet Our Community View our current calendar now to go online to view our new newsletter and be part of the family

Tree of Life Foundation
686 Harshaw Rd.
HC2 Box 302
Patagonia, AZ 85624
520 394 2520 ext 201
**An Oasis for Awakening**

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