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Prayer for Peace on Our Planet
Written by: Ned Nerdin, Inner Light Center - Rated 0.00 out of 5, 0 people have rated it.

Prayer for Peace on Our Planet

I invite you to join us for this ongoing prayer for peace on our planet, and
if you are willing, to share this email message with others whom you think
might be interested. Have a very happy holiday season!
18th Annual World Healing Meditation
Dec 31, 2004, 4:30 - 6:00 am
Rose Wagner Center Auditorium
138 West Broadway
On, December 31, men, women, and children around the world gather to
participate in the most comprehensive meditation activity in the history - a
planetary affirmation of peace, love, forgiveness and understanding
involving millions of people in a simultaneous global mind link. The purpose
is to usher in a new era of Peace on Earth In 2004, we envision an event
that embraces diversity. We will have represented, both onstage and in the
audience, peoples in our community from many faiths and creeds.
This event is called World Healing Day, the World Peace Day or the World
Peace Meditation. It is intended to dissolve feelings of separation and
bring human kind together. In Utah, this meditation begins at 5 am, and we
begin the program at 4:30 so that we can be in meditation with the rest of
the world by 5 am. This year the World Healing Meditation will be at the
Rose Wagner Center Auditorium, 138 West Broadway in Salt Lake City.
The first formal announcement of the Planetary Commission was made on
January 1, 1984, designating December 31, 1986, as World Healing Day. Noon
Greenwich time was selected as the time for the healing meditation as it
would encompass all time zones during that 24-hour period. Word quickly
spread, and when that moment in time arrived on December 31, 1986, the
mind-link totaled more than 500-million people on seven continents, in more
than seven countries, and in every state in the U.S. Over 500 spiritual and
peace-related organizations around the world participated.
 On December 31, 1986, the first World Healing Meditation was held at
Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus. This is a large hall, and
the room was packed to overflowing, even at 4:30 in the morning. In
subsequent years, this meditation has dwindled in size, but has occurred in
at least one location in Utah (and sometimes more than one) every year.
 We have seen the results. Walter Stuetzle, Director of the Stockholm
International Peace Research Institute and a former West German
Undersecretary of Defense, said that there has been "remarkable progress
toward a potentially more peaceful world. There was a clean break in the
pattern of a constant increase in the number of major conflicts with which
the world had grown accustomed."
For information about the World Healing Meditation in Salt Lake City,
contact: AnnMarie Clock, 808-8432 or Myrna Hirst, 521-4299, or Ned Nerdin,
566-8343, or look on the Internet at:
<>  or
With Peace,

Ned <>

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