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How we can Change the World
Written by: Jason Light - Rated 5.00 out of 5, 3 people have rated it.

A Planetary Call For Awakening

It seems that the world is heading in an unfortunate direction, choices have
been made and wheels set in motion to take us all on an unknown trip into
the world of corporate greed and political ineptness. Whether the majority
of people want this to happen or not seems to make little or no difference
to the ones who are controlling the events.

The powers that be who are controlling events are in the minority, the
strength of the planet who are being controlled and manipulated are in the
majority, but still the majority are succumbed to the will of the few.

The fact is that the minority in control enjoy the majority of the political
power and financial resources and can therefore enforce their own agenda and
will on the populace of this wonderful planet of ours.

If you just take a moment to step back from your day to day life and open
your eyes to what is really happening around your neighbourhood you will be
able to see the effects that the controlling minority have over the people
who live there.

>From the governments, who were supposedly elected in a free democratic
voting system, who are looking after their own self serving interests
instead of the people they were supposedly elected to serve, to the
corporate arms of big business who have governments in their pockets, blood
in their footprints and only profits in their sights.

What ever happen to the goodness of mankind?

Does it even exist anymore?

Why is it that profit is seemingly more important than anything else in the
world today?

And why do people all over the world continue to support these corporate
giants, and how is it that the majority continually sucked up into the hype
that this controlling minority promote?

The majority are conned on a daily basis by these corporate giants supported
by government lies issued to back up corporate claims that their products
are good, safe and needed by the populace.

When the truth of the matter is that the products pushed by these
corporations were only created with one thing in mind..profit!

How good they are, how safe they need to be and how much the majority
require them is immaterial as long as a profit exists.

But I hear you say, our governments would protect us from these corporations
if they were selling us anything that was dangerous to us, and you would be
right the governments should protect you.

Ufortunately the sad truth is that the governments are in bed with the
corporations and as such look after the interests of their paymasters before
even looking at the interests and welfare of their peoples.

Why is it that people will work all their lives in jobs they don't like
putting themselves through stress, illness and upset just to earn money to
buy things they don't need?

The reason why this happens is that people are sold a lie; they are told
that they need these material possessions to feel good about themselves, to
allow them to raise their status with their peers and to conform to the
structure of society.

But why, once again the answer is control, the control of the majority by
the minority.

These days you don't even have to earn the money before you buy, all you
need have is a job in most cases with a steady income but even that is now
not essential, that way you can have credit to purchase these material
possessions that you don't even need, in the process racking up debt to the

Credit, the system where the minority offer their helpful assistance out of
the goodness of their hearts to assist other members of society reach their
goals of purchasing these material possessions.

No credit is where the minority charge the majority more money for goods
they truly don't even need, gaining further control over their lives and pos
sessions all in the name of profit.

And it doesn't stop there, no not by a long way, you see these corporate
giants give out loyalty cards to encourage people to spend more and more
with them. These cards gather information on what the people buy, where they
live, how much they can afford and how often they purchase goods, all for
the hope of getting some small future discount on these goods, this
information is then sold on to other corporations so they to can come in and
feast on the hopes and aspirations of the majority, all in the name of

Now it seems this is still not enough for the corporations who continually
want more, so they have developed a new system to monitor their flock, tiny
electronic radio transmitters that will be built into their products, from
packets of groceries to clothing to cars we will soon be monitored not only
through our buying habits but now through our very movement.

There is even talk about putting one of these chips under the skin on our
arms; this will act as a passport, credit card, medical history, ID card and
so on.

We are already monitored by transmitters that are carried with us, they are
known as mobile phones, which can be traced, and now with these new 3G
phones not only do these transmitters show our locations to those who wish
to know but they are also further damaging our health because their
frequency is much stronger than the conventional phones.

But once again the health risks are played down in favour of the vast
amounts of profit that there is to be had from marketing these products to
the majority.

All of this push towards having a populace that is totally being monitored
just happens to coincide with government efforts to monitor our movements in
the name of safety and the anti terrorism fever that seems to be sweeping
the world at this time.

Mind you this is all being done under the guise that it is for our own good,
to protect us from the dangers that they would have us believe exist, for
then and only then can they justify these measures that violate our human

I for one do not want to be assimilated into a drone of the corporate state;
resistance is not futile.

But what can we do about this, well we are the majority, even though we don'
t hold the financial clout and political power of the minority we still have
a voice and being the majority a very loud voice but we need to use it.

If the solution was only as simple as just saying no then certain
governments wouldn't supposedly be simply re-elected, the voice of the
majority would have been heard and listened to.

So we have to look at different methods to reduce the stranglehold that the
corrupt minority has over our planet.

It seems the best way to hurt a corporation is to not purchase its goods in
the first place as they depend on these continual incoming funds to not only
survive but to finance new methods of extracting profit from the majority.

So don't buy into the new 3G mobile phone technology, your health is worth
much more to you than a video text.

Look into using Bio-diesel from recycled vegetable oil as a fuel for your
cars and stick your fingers up at the oil giants who are manufacturing the
world oil shortage.

Support the minority traders, the small shop owners, the local people in
your own community who you know and trust. Leave the multinationals to loose
their share value by starving them of your custom.

Eat only naturally organic grown foods and deny the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and chemical conglomerates their profits.

Open your eyes to the society around you, not only who is trading in your
community but why are they trading there; are their profits being ploughed
back into the community or siphoned off back to the corporate headquarters.

Be aware of who owns the businesses you trade with, most multinationals have
smaller companies under their corporate umbrella as a front to shield their
corporate image, check them out, and look for lists of directors,
shareholders and investments.

Each and every time a survey is published saying a certain natural product
is harmful, look at who did the survey, and who financed the survey and see
what their objectives were for issuing the survey in the first place. What
was their motive?

Follow the golden rule of thumb regarding government which states:

If the government says it's ok then... its not
If the government says they're telling the truth...their not
If the government says they're working for you...their not
If the government says they're looking after your interests...their not

Look into changing your job for one you like, allow yourself and your family
to get off the rat wheel of this supposedly structured society, downsize if
necessary for a more relaxing and simplified lifestyle and find the inner
peace and contentment that comes from being open to your spiritual side.

Become a questioner in life, don't just accept what you are told by
government, corporations or society, listen to your heart, if it feels right
then proceed, but if it doesn't don't do it.

Remember you have the power of change the world with your very own
abilities; you have the choice on what steps you take within your life, you
are in the majority on this wonderful planet of ours and as such are never

Although the wheels of our planets pathway have been set in motion by the
minority, it is us the majority who will now have our say on our planets
destiny steering it away from the greed, power and control of the minority
towards a future of peace, equality and love.

by Jason Light

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