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Posture Recommendations
Written by: Quill Mouse - Rated 3.50 out of 5, 2 people have rated it.

Adjust your computer, keyboard, chair and general position to try and achieve these positions at your workstation.

Sit upright, reclining the back of your chair slightly may be more comfortable for you. You may find it more comfortable to have the seat of your chair inclined 5 - 10 degrees downwards.

The top of your computer screen should be in alignment with your eyes. Your upper arms should hang down from your shoulders. You should be directly in front of your computer screen and keyboard.

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Your elbow should be at 90 degrees. Although with a standard keyboard your palms will be facing down, your wrists should be straight, not bent or extended. In these positions described for your elbows and wrists, your desk height should allow your keyboard to be directly below your fingers to avoid reaching.

Your shoulders should be generally relaxed, and periodically you should check that your shoulders do not elevate.

Make sure you periodically move in your seat and adjust your general position. Keep within the guidelines provided here, but it is important not to remain in the same position for too long.
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