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New Hope for Migraine Sufferers
Written by: Gary Ames - Rated 4.00 out of 5, 5 people have rated it.

Migraine headaches are recurring episodes of throbbing, localized head pain that last from hours to days. They run in families but afflict women 3 to 1 over men. There are 18 million Americans with migraine headache and the incidence is rising. Yet only half of those with these episodes call their headaches migraines.

Researchers and clinicians gathering at the Winter Brain Conference in Palm Springs in February 2004 had very good news. They all reported similar findings. Neurofeedback works for over 90% of those with migraine headaches.

The largest group of subjects simply stop having migraines headaches for good. For the minority their total pain is reduced by at least half. These wonderful results endure in follow-up investigations. The diversity of successful methods and variety of neurofeedback technologies suggest that with multi-modal biofeedback approaches, well over 90% of migraine sufferers could be completely pain free for life.

Three non-invasive biofeedback approaches we discussed at the conference. Traditional biofeedback is well know and accepted. It takes persistent diligence to achieve the relaxation required for this technique. The signature method is hand warming biofeedback using a thermometer. If you don’t count the drop outs, the method works rather well.

The two newer forms of biofeedback allow you to strengthen your brain and discard mental clutter. This is proven, safe, and non-invasive.

1) Brain strength training enables self-regulation of the migraine process.

2) The Mind Mirror enhances efficiency a dozen times a minute by showing you when you waste energy. To drop needless surging is calming and liberating.

What is it?

This learning technology is safe, simple, natural, and completely non-invasive. The training occurs while you are relaxing in a chair, listening to music and watching an image. While you are sitting, wearing sensors on your scalp, I will monitor the readings with a sophisticated computer.

The sensors detect wasted mental energy and the computer produces feedback. It is like a mirror that shows you what you are doing, as you are doing it, so that you can improve by yourself. The conscious part of your mind is not relevant to this work; quieting of your entire mind is guided by biofeedback.

What causes migraines? 

Migraines are produced by hyper-controlling the brain’s bioelectric patterns. Excess surging in the unconscious low frequency brain waves are vulnerable to disruption. Normal rhythms are distorted and become absurd. You hurt yourself by trying too hard to micro-manage the flowing chaos of normal life.

But what grips can you safely release? In biofeedback you discover which weights you can simply drop. Which energy surgings are wasted effort? Biofeedback answers that question a dozen times per minute. You learn when floating works just fine. Gradually discarding hundreds of micro-agitations per hour feels like floating without thrashing. Utterly calming.

You also discover higher uses for all that extra energy. The same comprehensive adaptive process allows you to explore subtle, yet under utilized bioelectric realms. This is life-enriching. You find better strategies for adapting to stress. The training sessions are cumulative and the results are enduring.

As you quiet more patterns of needless agitation, more resources can be devoted to whatever you are currently doing. Soon your growing resilience will allow greater flexibility as you optimize the functioning of your central nervous system. There will be more energy for the sublime aspects of life as you release the weights that hold you down.

How does it work?

When an aspect of your central nervous system surges, the music and image will stop for a moment and start up again when you calm that aspect. Brief moments of silence indicate when you are wasting energy. This is both orienting and assuring.

It is like playing the children’s game “warmer” and “colder.” Instead of finding a hidden object, we quell micro-surgings. This information will allow you to become utterly calm. Together we clean some blind spots and lubricate new pathways.

This kind of information will lead you away from suffering. All you need to do is be awake. Relaxation just occurs. Better sleep and mental clarity are common side benefits.

There is a large body of research and experience with neurofeedback, yet it is under-recognized. You have not heard of this 1970 technology before because accepting neurofeedback requires a bioelectric conception of well being.

If you pursue neurofeedback for migraines now, you may never have another such headache again.

Gary Ames

Alert Clearly In The Zone
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Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

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