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  • A New Kind of Health Care: Taking alternative medicine mainstream. by Sheryll Alexander - (782 views) - More Americans are putting their health in their own hands. As a teenager with ... [more]
  • Why Men Wait Too Long by Ray Wyman Jr - (700 views) - For a complex set of reasons, men avoid doctors and damage their health. . Orange County Metro Brace yourself men. The news from ... [more]
  • New Hope for Migraine Sufferers by Gary Ames - (588 views) - Migraine headaches are recurring episodes of throbbing, localized head pain that last from hours to days. They run in families but afflict women 3 to 1 over ... [more]

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  • Parsley Chicken - Low Carb Recipe by Susan - (Rated 5.00 / 5.00) - This is a very simple but flavorful recipe for a moist roasted whole chicken. Serves 4 Whole chicken, 3-4 pounds 1 bunch fresh parsley ... [more]
  • Guided Imagery and Eating Disorder Treatment by Joanna Poppink, M.F.T., psychotherapist specializing in eating disorder recovery - (Rated 5.00 / 5.00) - Guided imagery and other methods that reach under the conscious thinking mind can be useful in helping people recover from eating disorders. People with eating disorders ... [more]
  • Ayurvedic Gemstones as Karmic Mediators by Tom Peterson - (Rated 5.00 / 5.00) - The fabric of Auurvedic life is interwoven throughout the culture in India. Thus, its medical system and astrology are integrated. With experience, one can examine ... [more]

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